We’re always looking for talented, energetic people to be part of our network.
Here’s how you can become a part of Creative Force Network. 
First Contact
E-mail us a copy of your resume as a PDF or MSWord document. Or call
us, if you’d rather talk first. You can also fax. 
Send a resume now
The Interview
Once we receive your resume, we will review it and may contact you for
an interview. The interview is a chance to talk about your experience,
availability, interests, and geographic location. We’ll ask you for, at least,
three references, which we will follow  up with after the interview. We
review your work and rely on our many years of experience to assess
your level of expertise.
You’ll have a nonexclusive agreement with us, which allows you to find
your own work, but protects our relationships with our clients.
Once we find a match, we’ll outline the parameters of the work and together
we’ll determine a rate. We won’t send your resume to a client without your
permission. We may ask for electronic samples of your work to give our
clients more help with making their selection.